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FREE Shipping on subscription orders of $99 or More!

Our Community of Goodness

Our Community of Goodness

It’s been an eventful few years. Since our founding in 2012, our reason for being is to bring goodness to the lives of others. To help people build a good life regardless of race, religion, education level, or background. To be a community of good in the world.

We are awed by those who work tirelessly in the midst of tragedy to make the world a better place—the difference makers. We are humbled to see the heroic actions of those striving for social justice and equality, healing and comforting the sick, or fighting against poverty, bringing hope where it is needed.

While the past few years have been challenging in many ways, the human spirit has shone with courage, determination, and grit. The clarion call for social justice rings loud and true and we are inspired by the millions of people who have responded.

At Touchstone Essentials, we pledge to do our part to make the world a more equitable and just place. The journey is far from over, but we’ve made progress with ongoing efforts to be part of the change for good.

  • In the past three years, we’ve raised $110,000 in support of World Central Kitchen to heal communities and strengthen economies through the power of food.
  • We cultivate and promote an inclusive, welcoming workplace.
  • We've committed to being plastic neutral with our packaging. As a first step, we are enabling the removal of as much nature-bound plastic waste as we create, through impactful projects with rePurpose Global. We’re also replacing our plastic packaging with plant-based, bioplastic pouches over the course of 2023.
  • We've given back to the environment by planting 3,500 trees with One Tree Planted as we work to be good stewards of the planet and community health.
  • We continue to support organic farmers, their families, and their communities through sourcing certified organic ingredients. 

​The journey continues. We’re committed to do our part in making our society more just, supporting all communities of color that are predominantly impacted by injustice.

​Our mission to touch the lives of five million families with goodness goes on. Together, we can make great strides towards social justice. And we’ll do it all from a place of love, leading with an open heart.

Thanks for being part of our community,

Touchstone Essentials Founder & CEO